Oracle EBS – Okta Single Sign On Integration

Oracle EBS Okta SSO Integration

Oracle EBS and Okta SSO Integration

Oracle EBS and Okta SSO Integration is possible with a SSO Gateway. SSOGEN Gateway would be registered as a SAML 2 Service Provider in Okta and Oracle EBS would be registered with SSO. When a user logs in to EBS, user is redirected to SSOGen, which in turn sends the user to Okta Single Sign On – SSO Login. Okta Authentication would either perform Kerberos, Windows Native Authentication, or form based login based on its configuration. Upon a successful authentication, User is sent back to Oracle EBS Home Page seamlessly.

The end user login experience would be pretty much similar to another Okta protected Applications. There are no limitations on Okta Authentication Schemes for this. Oracle EBS can be protected with Okta Multi-Factor Logins as well. Oracle EBS URL can be added to Okta Applications Dashboard by Okta Admin, and end users can launch it like another Okta Application.

Oracle APPS 11i, R12.1, and R12.2

Okta Cloud SSO can be enabled for Oracle EBS – Oracle APPS 11i, R12, and R12.2. Oracle EBS integrations such as OBIEE, Hyperion/EPM Suite, ADF Applications, WebCenter, Agile would also be SSO enabled with Okta SSO.

Peoplesoft, Siebel, and JD Edwards

Other Oracle Products such as Peoplesoft, Siebel, and JD Edwards can be SSO enabled with Okta Cloud SSO through SSOgen Gateway

OAM and OID are not necessary

With SSOGEN Gateway Solution, Oracle Access Manager – OAM and Oracle Internet Directory – OID are not required for Okta and Oracle Integrations.

How to enable SSO in Oracle EBS?

Please read more about Oracle EBS SSO Integration the following link.

Oracle EBS SSO Integrations

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Other SSO Integrations

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  1. Interested in discussing Oracle EBS/Okta integration

  2. Sure, please reach out to for more information.

  3. Is this listed on Okta Apps Market?

  4. Can you guys schedule a demo please?

  5. How do I find pricing information?

  6. Please send your contact information to

  7. Do you have a solution for JDEdwards with Okta?

  8. Sam,

    Of course. Please feel free to opt for a 30-days free POC so that you can experience the product and functionality.

  9. Is there any special requirements from Okta to enable SSO for EBS?

  10. SSOGEN would be registered like any other SAML Application in Okta. There is no special requirements or licensing required for this integration.

  11. Is okta integration supported for JDE EnterpriseOne?

  12. Please share more information

    • Sure, please send out an email to to get a POC set up.

  13. Would you guys set up a quick demo for us please?

    • Absolutely, please send out an email to

      Thank you!

  14. This is exactly what we are looking for.. where can I find the pricing info?

  15. Does it support Okta Verify app?

    • Jenny, Yes, all Okta authentication methods are supported for SSOgen, just like for any other SAML Application on Okta Application Network – OAN.

  16. How long does it take to implement this solution? Timelines pls.

    • Okta integration typically takes about 10 minutes, and another hour for Oracle EBS Integration.

  17. Oracle EBS can be launched from Okta Portal?

    • All Oracle EBS URLs would still fine through Okta SSO Login, including Workflow Notifications, Discoverer Integration, OBIEE Integration, Web ADI Logins, More4Apps SSO Login..etc. No EBS functionality is lost through Okta SSO Integration with SSOgem.

      Also, Oracle EBS can be launched from Okta Portal as well.

  18. Can we use regular EBS url to login through Okta?

    • Of course, EBS entry URLs would still work, just that Okta Authentication is enforced first.

      Workflow Notifications, Email Approvals, and Deep links work normally.

      You’re not obligated to launch EBS from Okta all the time.

  19. I’d like to know the pricing information..

  20. Hello, Is the solution supported by Oracle?

    • SSOgen is an Oracle Validated Integration for Oracle EBS. SSO Support is provided by SSOgen Support, and EBS supported by Oracle Support.


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