OpenID Gateway SSO Solution

OpenID Gateway

What is OpenID Gateway?

OpenID Gateway extends OpenID Provider authentication to applications that do not support OpenID Connect.

OpenID Gateway would be configured with OpenID Connect and its registered with OpenID Provider. User application is SSO configured with SSOgen OpenID Gateway with a web server plugin, similar to CA Siteminder WebAgent. While OpenID Gateway acts as a openid connect with OpenID Provider, Web Server plug-in enforces policies and SSO authentication for the user application.

SSOgen OpenID Gateway also offers additional security such as free multi factor authentication, after a successful authentication by OpenID Provider.

SSOgen OpenID Gateway does not require user stores such as Oracle Internet Directory – OID for Oracle EBS SSO Integration.

How does OpenID Gateway work?

When a user enters into the user application, user is redirected to OpenID Gateway for authentication. OpenID Gateway in turn sends the user to OpenID provider for authentication. OpenID provider collects the credentials from the user using a SSO Login form and performs SSO Authentication. Upong a successful authentication, the user is then redirected back to application via OpenID Gateway.

OpenID Connect

OpenID Connect is configured on OpenID Gateway.

Enable SSO

Install and Configure SSO Agent, Web Server Plug-in to protect Application URIs.


Optionally enable step up, multi factor authentication at OpenID Gateway.

SSO Supported Applications with OpenID Gateway

SSOgen OpenID Gateway supports SSO authentication for most of the enterprise applications. A few good use cases are Oracle EBS, PeopleSoft, JDE, and SAP.

Unique SSOgen Benefits

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Free Multi Factor Authentication