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SP SAML Gateway – Okta SPGW SSO Solution

SSOGEN SAML Service Provider (SP) Gateway adds SAML capabilities to Non-SAML applications such as Oracle EBS (Oracle e-Business Suite), Oracle PeopleSoft, JD Edwards, and SAP ERP Systems.
SP SAML Gateway - SPGW Architecture

What is SP SAML Gateway – SAML SP-Gateway – Okta SPGW ?

SAML SP-Gateway – SAML Service Provider Gateway (SPGW) enables SAML IdP Single Sign On functionality to Non-SAML applications that do not support SAML Authentication. SP SAML Gateway is also known as SAML Service Provider Gateway, SAML SP-Gateway, Okta SPGW, and SPGW.

SP SAML Gateway is registered as a Service Provider – SP with SAML Identity Provider – IdP such as Okta or OneLogin or Oracle Identity Cloud Services – IDCS. End-user Application is SSO configured with SSOgen SSO Server with a web server plugin, similar to CA Siteminder WebAgent. While SAML SP-Gateway talks SAML 2.0 with IdP, Web Server plug-in enforces policies and SSO authentication for the web server.

SSOgen also offers a step-up authentication such as Multi Factor Authentication, for free, on top of the SAML IdP SSO Login.

SSOgen does not require user stores such as Oracle Internet Directory – OID for Oracle EBS SSO Integration.

How does SAML Service Provider Gateway – Okta SPGW work?

When a user enters into the user application, user is redirected to SSOGen for authentication. SSOgen in turn sends the user to SAML IdP for SSO Login. IdP performs SSO Authentication, and redirects the user back to application via SSOgen.

SAML SP-Gateway – SPGW

Register SSOgen SP SAML Gateway with SAML IdP for SAML Authentication.

Enable SSO

Install and Configure SSO Plug-in in the Web Server to protect Application URIs.


Optionally enable step up, multi factor authentication at SSOgen SP SAML Gateway – SPGW.

SSOgen SP SAML Gateway – SAML SP-Gateway – SPGW Use Cases

SSOgen works with most of the Popular SAML SSO Solutions in the market today. Popular use cases of our customers:

Okta Authentication

OneLogin Authentication

Shibboleth Authentication

Oracle IDCS Authentication

Azure ADFS Authentication

PingFederate Authentication

SSOgen Integration with Okta IdP SSO – Okta SPGW

SSOGEN Corporation is partnered with Okta Inc. SSOGEN SAML Application is available on Okta Application Network – OAN to simplify the integration for Okta users. Please contact us for customer-specific Assertion Consumer Service – ACS URL and Entity ID for Okta SAML Registrations.

SSOgen Integration with Oracle Identity Cloud Services – IDCS

SSOGEN Corporation is partnered with Oracle Corporation. Please contact us for customer-specific SP Metadata for IDCS registration and downstream Application SSO Configuration.

Complete SSO and Flexible SSO Gateway Solutions

SSOgen is a complete SSO Solution with MFA that works with many LDAP Servers. SSOgen is also flexible SSO Gateway, SAML Gateway, IdP SAML Gateway, SP SAML Gateway, Okta SPGW, and OpenID Gateway with most of the popular SSO solutions.

SSO Supported Applications with SP SAML Gateway – SPGW

SSOgen supports SSO authentication for most of the enterprise applications. Most of our customers use SSOgen SP SAML Gateway – SPGW with Oracle EBS, PeopleSoft, JDE, OBIEE, Apex, WebCenter, SAP, and other Cloud Apps with Special SAML Requirements.

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  1. Looks interesting.. We would like to try a POC with Azure AD.. how to get started?

    • Please send an email to info@ssogen.com, and the team would guide you from there. SSOgen POC is typically set up in 30 minutes. Thank you!

  2. Does it work with On-premise ADFS (not Azure AD)?

    • Of course, on-premise Microsoft ADFS is supported as well. For more Info, please contact info@ssogen.com. Thank you!

  3. Does this support Oracle EBS 12.1?

    • Yes, both on-prem and cloud hosted Oracle EBS 11i, R12, and 12.2 are supported. Thank you!

  4. We have an application that needs an Apache SSO Agent Plugin. Customer is interested in IDCS, and IDCS doesn’t have a plug-in. SP-Gateway is compatible with Oracle Identity Cloud Service – IDCS?

    • Absolutely, SSOgen is an Oracle Validated Integration with Oracle Identity Cloud Service – IDCS. Please contact us at info@ssogen.com for additional info.

  5. How is SP-Gateway different from SSO Gateway?

    • Well, SAML Service Provider Gateway – SP-Gateway extends SAML IdP authentication, while SSO Gateway extends authentication of another SSO Solution such as CA Siteminder or IBM Tivoli AM.

  6. Is this IdP Initiated? Customer should always launch Apps from Okta portal?

    • The login flow is typically initiated from the end user application. All regular application URLs would work fine with SSO login. Also, Apps can be launched from Okta Portal or Azure Apps Gallery.

  7. Is this available on Okta Applications Network? If so, we would like to try a POC. Please send us the process.

    • Yes, its available on Okta Applications Network – OAN. However, you would need to get the Client ID URL from SSOGEN. So, please reach out to info@ssogen.com for a trial/demo/PoC setup.

  8. This SPGateway works with CA Siteminder for EBS SSO?

    • No, SP Gateway works with SAML IdP Solutions such as Okta, OneLogin, Ping, and ADFS. We do have another gateway, SSO Gateway, which works with CA Siteminder, IBM Tivoli,etc. Please send your query at https://www.ssogen.com/contact-us/

  9. Can you send us more info to my email address below please?

    • Done, please let us know if any further questions. Thank you.

  10. SAML SPGateway works for PingFederate SAML IdP for Oracle EBS?

  11. What’s the pricing on this SPGateway? Is it included in Okta’s subscription fee?

    • Pricing is based on various factors such as the EBS size or User counts. SSOgen is affordable to small customers with 50 users, as well big enterprises with 500,000 ERP Users. We are the price leaders in the market. Our sales team would get in touch with you.

  12. Our DBA team wants to test this solution.. Please send us the process to follow to get a trial access. Thank you.

    • Sure, we have an email with the details.

  13. We are currently trying to integrate EBS 12.1.3 with OKTA, What to understand how SSOGen will help in terms of syncing users from OKTA to EBS 12.1.3. We create user in AD, which will sync to OKTA, now how can SSOGen help us in getting these users to EBS ??


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