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Apache SSO Authentication

Apache SSO Integration

SSOGEN Team shares the Apache module for your Apache version and OS version.

# unzip /tmp/mod_ssogen_httpd2.4.6_el7_x86_64_3.10.0.zip -d /etc/httpd/modules/

# cat <<EOF > /etc/httpd/conf.d/ssogen.conf
LoadModule ssogen_module modules/mod_ssogen.so
SSOGENServerURL https://example.ssogen.com

# Enable SSO for /protected
<Location /protected>
Require valid-user


# service httpd restart

That’s all.

Apache is now SSO enabled with SSOGEN, which can be configured with Azure AD, Okta, and etc.

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  1. Does your ssogen apache module work with Apache running on a Windows operating system? We are looking for a solution that gives Apache the ability to authenticate with Okta. Thanks.


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