Single Sign-on Gateway

SSOGEN SSO Gateway extends the reach of traditional SSO solutions, SAML IdP SSO Solutions, OAUTH, and OpenID Solutions.

SSO Gateway for Okta, Azure SSO, Ping, ADFS, Shibboleth, CA Siteminder, Tivoli for Oracle EBS, PeopleSoft, JDEdwards, and SAP

SSO Gateway for CA Siteminder, IBM Tivoli, OpenAM, ..etc.

SSOgen is a flexible SSO Gateway for traditional SSO solutions such as CA Siteminder, IBM TAM, etc. For example, SSOgen extends Siteminder SSO to applications that do not support Siteminder SSO integration.
SSO Gateway protects internal and Cloud Apps with traditional, SAML, and OpenID SSO solutions

SAML Gateway, IdP SAML Gateway, SP SAML Gateway, Okta SPGW

SSOgen is a NextGen SAML Gateway for SAML SSO solutions such as Okta, Azure ADFS, PingFederate, OneLogin, and more.

For instance, SSOgen acts as a Service Provider, and extends Okta SAML IdP SSO to traditional web servers that do not support SAML Authentication.

At the same time, SSOgen can act as SAML IdP for other SAML SP Applications. SAML Gateway be be either SAML IdP Gateway & SAML SP Gateway. This is also known as Okta SPGW.

SSOGEN SAML SP Gateway extends SAML IdP SSO Authentication to Non-SAML Applications

OpenID Gateway, OpenID Connect Gateway, and OAuth Gateway

SSOgen is also an OpenID Gateway for OpenID ID providers. SSOgen acts as an OpenID Connect, and extends OpenID provider SSO to applications that do not support OpenID or OAuth protocols.
Extend OpenID Provider Authentication, OAUTH Authentication to traditional non-OpenID Applications

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  1. How does it work with CA Siteminder? Do we need Siteminder Federation services?


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