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Oracle EBS – Multi Factor Authentication – MFA SSO Integration

Oracle EBS - Multi Factor Authentication - MFA SSO Integration

Enable MFA SSO with Oracle EBS

Multi-factor Authentication – MFA can be enabled for Oracle e-Business Suite – EBS Authentication. A typical multi-factor authentication is using the SSO password and a token such as RSA token, in this case token acts as a second factor, and this is also known as a two factor authentication. SSOGen would enforce multi-factor authentication by talking to both LDAP Server and Token Validation Server. Oracle EBS would be configured to talk to SSOGen. When a user logs in to EBS, user is redirected to SSOGen, which enforces both password and token validations, and the user is sent back to Oracle EBS Home Page, upon a successful login.

SSOGEN is compatible with hardware tokens such as RSA Tokens, and soft tokens such as Duo. However, these options would be expensive for the customers. SSOGEN offers a free soft token with an app on smart phones(both iOS and Android). Multi-factor Authentication – MFA is free with SSOGEN.

Oracle APPS 11i, R12, and R12.2

Multi-Factor Authentication can be enabled for Oracle EBS – Oracle APPS 11i, R12, and R12.2. Oracle EBS integrations such as OBIEE, Hyperion/EPM Suite, ADF Applications, WebCenter, Agile would also be seamlessly SSO Integrated with MFA.

Peoplesoft, Siebel, and JD Edwards

Other Oracle Products such as Peoplesoft, Siebel, and JD Edwards can be SSO enabled with Multi-Factor Authentication through SSOgen Gateway

OAM and OID are not necessary

With SSOGEN Gateway Solution, Oracle Access Manager – OAM and Oracle Internet Directory – OID are not required for Multi-Factor Authentication and Oracle Integrations.

How to enable SSO in Oracle EBS?

Please read more about Oracle EBS SSO Integration the following link.

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  1. Does this solution need OUD license?

  2. No, this solution does need OUD, OID, OAM, or OAAM.

  3. Is this per user license for multi-factor authentication?

  4. There is no separate license for two factor or multi factor authentication. SSOgen offers a free multi-factor authentication app for iOS and Android to all of its customers.

  5. What additional components/installation and licenses will this setup require?

    Apart from RSA token, what other products are configurable for the MFA setup?

    • SSOgen offers free soft tokens for Multi Factor Authentication.

  6. Hi Team,

    We need to enable multi-factor authentication on our DMZ(iSupplier services) server.
    we wanted to know what is the licensing cost involved to use MFA with SSOGen for our Oracle EBS r12.2.

    Kindly update on this as quickly as possible. If possible, please setup a call to discuss more on this.


  7. How adaptive is your MFA, can it be configured to trigger or not trigger based on factors like IP ranges, device profiles, type of user account, frequency (say, weekly even on a known IP address), etc.?

  8. Hi,

    We are having Oracle EBS & planning to implement SSO solution with MFA authenticaiton. Does EBS needs to be integrated with OAM, OID ? & what SSoGen licence & cost for MFA solution.


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