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Oracle EBS SSO Integration with Azure AD Authentication

Azure Active Directory (AAD) SSO, Hybrid AAD SSO with On-premise ADFS

Azure Native Solution

* Implemented in under 10 minutes
* Do not build another SSO Solution just for EBS

Azure AD MFA Compatible

* MFA with MS Authenticator App
* MFA with Phone call or Text message

No EBS / JSP Customizations

* Standard EBS SSO Connector
* EBS version agnostic
* EBS Patching does not break SSO
* EBS Upgrades do not break SSO

Oracle Certified Solution

Oracle EBS can now be authenticated / SSO enabled with the Azure AD Authentication with an Azure Native App

Oracle E-Business Suite – EBS can be successfully integrated with Azure AD, Azure ADFS, Azure SSO, Azure Active Directory in Microsoft Azure Cloud with an SSO Gateway, SSOGEN. Azure SSO offers Active Directory Federation Services – ADFS SAML services for SSO Integrations. As Oracle E-Business Suite – EBS – Oracle Applications 11i, R12, and R12.2 does not support SAML directly, the need for a gateway raises.

SSOgen would act a gateway between Azure AD Authentication (Azure AD SSO) and Oracle EBS. Customer simply adds SSOGEN Gateway app to the Enterprise Applications in the customer tenant.

SSOgen adds more security such as Multi-Factor Authentication – MFA after a successful Azure ADFS SSO Login as well.

In addition to SAML integration with Azure ADFS, SSOgen is capable of integrating with Azure Active Directory – AD directory for LDAP lookup with a login form authentication or Kerberos – Windows Native Authentication.

The end user login experience would be pretty much similar to that of another Azure ADFS protected Application. There are no limitations on Azure ADFS Authentication Schemes for this. Oracle EBS can be protected with Azure ADFS Multi-Factor Logins as well. The SSOgen would be transparent to the end users.

Oracle APPS 11i, R12, and R12.2

Azure AD can be configured for Oracle EBS 11i, R12, and R12.2. Oracle EBS integrations such as OBIEE, Hyperion, EPM Suite, ADF Applications, WebCenter, OTM, Discoverer, and Agile PLM would also be SSO enabled seamlessly.

Peoplesoft, Siebel, and JD Edwards

PeopleSoft, Siebel, JDE, and SAP can be SSO integrated with Azure ADFS SSO as well. But also, Cloud Applications such as Salesforce and Service-Now can be SSO registered with SSOgen as well.


OAM and OID are not necessary

Oracle Access Manager – OAM and Oracle Internet Directory – OID are not necessary for Oracle and Azure ADFS SSO Integrations with Oracle E-Business Suite – EBS versions 11i, R12, and R12.2.


Oracle EBS SSO is now Simplified and Automated

All it takes is two commands and 10 minutes: $ ssogen deployag & ssogen reg

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  1. Hi,

    Need more details on EBS sso integration using MS Azure pricing. Pls call me at 224-300-4490


  2. Can you provide a approximate quote for integrating with Oracle E-Business suite R12.1.3 and Azure/Office365. Oracle EBS is in AWS Cloud.

  3. Selva,

    We would need a few more details to put together a quote. Would you please send out a note to info@ssogen.com? I’ll have a director reach out to you. Thanks for contacting us.

  4. Interesting.. Does it support Azure MFA for tokens using text messages and Microsoft Authenticator

    • Of course, you can apply all conditional rules including MFA for the EBS logins with Azure AD Authentication on Office365 Platform.

  5. Is SSOGEN available on Azure App Gallery?

    • Of course, its available as an App Gallery for Azure/Office365 Customers (of any licensing tier).

  6. How long would it take to implement Azure AD SSO for Oracle EBS 12.2?

    • It takes less than 5 minutes to add SSOGEN Gateway App to Azure Tenant and another 5 minutes to enable SSO in Oracle EBS.

  7. Need more Info on deploying SSOGEN for Azure AD -EBS SSO Integration

    • Please reach out to our team at info@ssogen.com

  8. How do it compare it with Oracle Cloud – IDCS?

  9. Can a single instance of SSOGEN authenticate back to multiple Azure ADs?

    If so, how difficult is this to achieve?

  10. I used EBS 12.2.10, but I didn’t find $NE_BASE/sso folder

  11. we want to know as we seen in one document that you support only oracle dB 18 and above and our dB is 12c and app is 12.2.11


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