Single Sign On Server with LDAP, MFA, and Desktop Authentication

SSOGEN SSO Server is compatible with the most LDAP V2 and V3Servers.
SSOGEN Kerberos Authentication works with Windows 2003, 2008, 2012, and 2016 Domain Controllers.

Complete SSO Solution for Oracle EBS, PeopleSoft, JDEdwards, and SAP

SSO Authentication with LDAP

SSOGEN integrates well with the most popular Lightweight Directory Access Protocol(LDAP) servers in the market today

Active Directory

Azure Active Directory






CA Directory

IBM Directory


389 Directory Server

Apache Directory

Generic LDAP V2

Generic LDAP V3

Oracle Internet Directory

Oracle Directory Server

Oracle Unified Directory

SSOGEN Multi Factor Authentication(MFA)

SSOGEN offers a free Multi Factor Authentication using SSOGEN Token mobile app for iOS and Android devices. SSOGEN also supports SMS and email notifications of the token during the sign-in process.

SSOGEN Token – iOS App

SSOGEN Token - iOS App

SSOGEN Token – Android

SSOGEN Token - Android App


SSOGEN Token - iOS App

SSOGEN Token Email

SSOGEN Token Email

SSOGEN Compatible MFA Solutions

SSOGEN is compatible with the market leading MFA solutions, such as RSA Tokens, Yubi Key, FIDO, DUO, Authy, Okta Verify, and Microsoft Authenticator.
SSOGEN Compatible MFA solutions including RSA Tokens, Yubi Key, FIDO, DUO, Authy, Okta Verify, and Microsoft Authenticator.

Kerberos (Desktop Authentication)

SSOGEN tightly integrates with the windows domain controllers (DC) for kerberos. This is also known as Windows Native Authentication (WNA) and Zero Touch SSO, which enables access to your secure applications without logins by utilizing the windows login (Domain Login).

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  1. Interesting.. does it work with Cloud Applications such as Oracle Fusion ERP or Oracle Analytics Cloud?

  2. I want to configure Multi authetication factor for ADS users please share me all required configuration


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