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SSO NextGen for Oracle EBS, PeopleSoft, JDE, and SAP

NextGen SSO Solution that protects both internal and cloud applications with the lowest possible spend, offers the best user experience, and provides unlimited possibilities to integrate with other SSO solutions.

Complete SSO

Advanced SSO Solution with LDAP, LDAP + MFA, and Kerberos Authentications.

SSOGEN Gateways

SSO Gateway, SAML Gateway, OpenID Gateway, and Azure AD Gateway.

ERP Connectors

Specially built ERP Connectors for Oracle EBS, PeopleSoft, JDE, and SAP ERP Systems.

Free MFA

Most Secure Multi Factor Authentication is made available free to our customers.

SSOGEN – ERP SSO Connectors

SSOGEN - ERP SSO Integrations

Product Features

Advanced Authentication

Highly Secured Authentication with tons of integrations with other SSO systems.

Multi Factor Authentication

Multi Factor Authentication is readily available for the most secured applications.


SAML 1.0 and 2.0 IdP are supported for Cloud SaaS Applications.

Mobile Applications

Out of the box support for Mobile Applications.

Single Sign-On

Seamless SSO between both on-prem and cloud applications

Cost Savings

Pay As You Go licensing with $0 Capex, and free Multi Factor Authentication.

Robust LDAP Store

Dedicated, Highly Scalable and Secured LDAP Store

LDAP 3.0

Built on the standards with LDAP version 3.0 and version 2

High Availability

High Availability and Disaster Recovery are out of the box.

Unique Proposition

NextGen SSO

Deployed in minutes, fully automated, state of the art ERP connectors and authentications.

Pay As You Go

Optimized Cost Model: Pay for what you use and the cost leader in the industry.

Exceptional Support

Our team brings in 20+ years of experience in ERP SSO space.


SSO Integrations

Application Integrations

SSO Logins per day


Our Top Customers

Many fortune 500 companies depend on SSOGEN for mission critical systems’ security.

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