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Who We Are

SSO Software Development Company helping organizations implement web security, protect mission critical applications, and prevent cyber criminals from stealing confidential data, while bringing the best user experience to the employees and associates.

Our Mission

Provide NextGen SSO Security Solution, Simplify SSO Integrations, and Make SSO Affordable to the World.

About Us - SSOGEN Corporation

Our Story

We Started Because We Wanted to Provide An Affordable and Advanced SSO Solution to the World

We began our Identity and Access Management – IAM journey implementing Single Sign On Solutions. Through this journey, we discovered multiple problems with SSO implementations. Small and medium businesses can’t afford Enterprise SSO Software licenses, SSO Implementation cycles are long and complex, and one SSO solution does not integrate with all applications. SSO is still a nice-to-have for many businesses today, until the day comes when critical applications are compromised or financial data is stolen. Businesses often experience serious security incidents.

We started building a perfect SSO solution with these challenges in mind. Our NexGen SSO Solution is built on future technologies. SSOgen is affordable for small businesses with 50 users as well as big enterprises with 10 millions users in ERP Systems. SSOgen greatly simplifies SSO Integrations with applications. A typical SSO Implementation cycle is less than a day. SSOgen offers the most secure Multi Factor Authentication for free. Yet, SSOgen is a flexible SSO Gateway solution that integrates with third party SSO solutions to close any SSO Integration gaps.

Our History

Company Timeline

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Our Team

Meet The Team

Raj Mareddi

Raj Mareddi

Founder & CEO

Raj Mareddi has spent over 20 years in Identity and Access Management – IAM technologies. Prior to SSOgen, Raj has lead more than a hundred SSO implementations for companies including General Electric, Oracle Corporation, and Accenture.

Nick Spates

Nick Spates

Senior Director

Nick is responsible for all aspects of Customer Excellence including Sales, Marketing, and Operations for the company. Nick has worked in over 30 countries around the world. Nick attended University of Oxford, International Management Program.

Sandeep Bharadwaj

Sandeep Bharadwaj

Director of Technology

Sandeep is a Techno Guru, mainly focused on big enterprise IT Security and ERP Security. He oversees planning the Product Development future for the organization, and implementations and maintenance of current software systems.

SSO Security - SSOGEN Corporation

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